Wines don’t travel, do they?

The last of the wine, a bottle of Kakotrygis

Very rarely a bottle of wine taken home from holiday tastes anywhere near you remember it and loved it. Different company, circumstance, climate? You tell me. I was only ever happy with the boxed (!) Burgundy Chardonnay my dear friends in the Morvan used to send me off with in fine quantities. Greek retsina especially seems infamous for ruining the beginning of a romantic evening back home with your holiday pictures.

So I was very lucky the other day when my daughter presented me with the bottle on the picture above, as a belated birthday present. Bought on Corfu and stored in her hand luggage. This very pleasant white wine, bottled in 2018, “citrus fruit taste and the fine bouquet of lemon blossom’ (12% vol.) didn’t make it till the end of the evening.

The local grape variety ‘kakotrygis’ is cultivated on the western hills by the Ionian Sea by the Spiros Grammenos family, respecting a long standing tradition. Kakotrygis wine is bottled and produced in Aerostato, Sinarades. I will surely pay them a visit on my next trip. If only to find out if the roadside winemaker Spiros Grammenos whom I used to know for decades and who died in his eighties two years ago, was in any way related.

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